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About Us

Who We Are

At Manuchant, we begin every day with a goal to improve the quality of life of our clients—it’s the guiding principle that drives us to do what we do.

Our focus is on ensuring that our customers are happy, and we do that by providing a wide range of healthcare solutions at competitive prices. Each day, we are focused on creating the best experience for customers, offering the best orthopaedic solutions for various medical needs, situations and environments in Jamaica.

Why we are different

We set ourselves apart by offering excellent customer service, high product availability and affordable prices.

We provide solutions for arthroscopy, arthroplasty, trauma, orthotic and soft goods to the Jamaican population. Because we are a full-service business, we offer everything you need pre and post-surgery, making your journey to wellness that much easier.

We work closely with a broad network of health professionals, including orthopaedic surgeons, to provide products such as orthopaedic implants, rehabilitation and walking aids, wheelchairs, home health care, as well as physiotherapy and surgical supplies.


We understand that the cost of health care can sometimes be burdensome, and that’s why our rates are the most competitive in Jamaica. We don’t charge for fittings, and we provide a range of products at the best possible price.

Product Availability

Having quality healthcare solutions at your fingertips is essential. At Manuchant, we have the most extensive inventory of products available locally. And if we don’t carry it in our storerooms, we will source it for you.


Your health comes first. Our team of experts takes the time to understand your needs and work closely with other health professionals and insurance companies to help you make the best decisions for healthy outcomes. Take time to speak with someone on our team today.

Who We Are